The Connecticut Wastewater Leadership Program recently graduated 20 candidates from the 2015 program.  Graduation was held at the annual Managers Forum held on November 17, 2015. The candidates included operators, crew leaders, chief operators, asst superintendents, asst public works directors and engineers. The ten (10) month program exposed them all facets of wastewater management.

To date this has resulted in 60 students graduating from the Management Leadership Program. Many of these folks have advanced into management or continued into a higher level of management including attaining Superintendent’s positions.

Congratulations to the 20 candidates who graduated and Thanks go out to the plant managers who supported this program by allowing their folks to attend. Following is a listing of the 2015 Graduates and the facilities at which they practice their craft.

Joseph Couture-Killingly WPCF                                         Gary Russell-Southington WPCF

Megan Ambrose-UCONN WPCF                                       Mike Salvatore-Town of Groton WPCF

Tom Bjorkland- South Windsor WPCF                            Harry Clarke- Plainfield WPCF

Brian Picco- Thomastown WPCF                                      Jamie Kreller-Suffield WPCF

Keith Brown- New London WPCF                                     Donald Dubiel- Hartford MDC WPCF

Dustin Watkins-Torrington WPCF                                   Sean Hetherington – UCONN Reclaimed Water

Thomas Hume – Southington WPCF                              Christian Lund Town of Groton WPC

Zach Dutton The Water Planet                                      Ryan Jagoda –Hartford MDC WPCF

Steve Drapeau-Meriden WPCF                                       William Grano  Hartford MDC WPCF

Ryan Harrold – Greater New Haven WPC                      Rob Hill – Greenwich WPCF

Thanks also to the many Superintendents who allowed the candidates to spend a day shadowing them and also to the many folks who presented or spoke at the sessions

Without the assistance of these folks the program would not be successful. Thanks to all of you.

LeRoy Kendricks,P.E  Landon Kendricks, Woodard and Curran

Edward Alibozek, Town of East Windsor WPCF

Kevin Shlatz, Town of Enfield WPCF

Jonathan Ference, Town of East Windsor WPCF

Grant Weaver, P.E The Water Planet

Jon Jewett, Town Manager Hardwick VT

Edward Guilmette, P.E Tighe and Bond

Diane Johnson, P.E Atlantic States Rural Water and Wastewater Association

Rowland Denny, DEEP

Craig Motasky, DEEP

Anthony DeSimone, P.E, Carl Stone, P.E Weston and Sampson

Margaret DeMarino, DeMarino Associates

Katherine Zinnser, CONN-OSHA

Chris Caron, American Safety and Supply