Admittedly I was somewhat apprehensive being extended the opportunity to tour out of state facilities. Strong encouragement from my co-workers convinced me to not pass it up and the end result was a trip that far exceeded all of my expectations.

    The scale of the many facilities was awe inspiring but even more impressive then that was the personnel operating them. Every Connecticut operator was very welcoming and had me feeling like I was chatting with a friend I’ve known for many years.

    I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to: Ray Weaver for taking time on a holiday to show me Manchester’s newly improved Hockanum River Water Pollution Control Facility. To Mike Bisi of Glastonbury and Terry Smith of Wallingford for meeting me on a holiday evening for dinner. We enjoyed great conversation and almost solved all of the industry’s problems. To Kim Maloney of Wallingford for giving me a very comprehensive overview of Wallingford’s lab and all that is done with water and wastewater testing. To Frank Russo of Meriden for fielding my questions on his plant systems and supporting solar array. To Ken Hebert at the Deep river plant for handling my surprise visit so well. To Dave Droblak of Mashantucket Pequot Nation’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. Dave provided me with my first glimpse into reclaimed wastewater for irrigation. To Dr. Sharon Zelmanowitz and Dr. David Clippinger at the U.S. Coast Guard academy for giving me a detailed tour of the ship engineering required for wastewater treatment systems on the high seas. A final thanks to Kevin Cini city of Groton, an outstanding host and guide.

    I gleaned a wealth of information that can’t fully be shared in this short recount of my visit. The state of Connecticut can be proud knowing their water resources and health are in the hands of highly competent and skilled individuals.   

                                                                                        Jeff Pillsbury

                                                                                        Shelburne WWTF, Vermont