1. Take grab sample from effluent composite sampler. 
  2. Take sample back to lab for analysis. 
  3. Turn on DR2000 spectrophotometer 
  4. Press 80 and Read/Enter 
  5. Empty one chlorine total DPD packet in 25 ml. sample vial. 
  6. Shake container and press shift, Timer 7 on machine. 
  7. A three minute reaction period takes place. 
  8. Pour 25 ml. of effluent sample in clean vial. 
  9. Place blank sample in meter and press clear/zero 
  10. Meter shows 0.00 
  11. Remove blank and insert prepared sample vial in meter and press Read/Enter 
  12. Record in mg/ l cl

Thomas J. SciarrinoThomas J. Sciarrino of Windsor Locks cooks up some handy Standard Operating Procedures for the Lab. Look for new procedures each month.