1. Collect sample in clean container from effluent composite sampler. 
  2. Bring sample back to lab. 
  3. Pour sample into (2) whil-pal sterilized water sampling bags containing sodium thiosulfate to 100 ml. mark. 
  4. Let sample sit until tablet in bag is dissolved. Check sample for 0.00 chlorine residual on DR 2000. 
  5. Pour (1) sample in sterile Gelman microfunnel to 25 ml. mark and turn on vacuum pressure pump for filtering. 
  6. Pour 25 ml. sterile phosphate solution into tunnel and filter. 
  7. Turn off vacuum pump.

Thomas J. SciarrinoThomas J. Sciarrino of Windsor Locks cooks up some handy Standard Operating Procedures for the Lab. Look for new procedures each month.