1. Collect samples from appropriate sample areas. 
  2. Bring sample back to lab. 
  3. Vigorously shake sample and pour into appropriate volume graduated cylinder. 
  4. Take glass fiber filter paper out of oven and set at 102-105 degrees C. 
  5. Place paper(s) in dessicator for approximately 15 minutes. 
  6. Weigh paper(s) on analytical balance 
  7. Record to 0.0000 for original weight. 
  8. Using forceps place paper in appropriate filter funnel on vacuum pump. 
  9. Wet paper with distilled water. 
  10. Turn on vacuum pump and filter sample through sample paper.(suction?) 
  11. Turn off vacuum pump when done filtering and place in oven (102-105 degrees C.) for (1) hour to dry. 
  12. Take filter paper out of oven and place in dessicator for 15 minutes to cool. 
  13. Weigh paper on analytical balance and record as dry weight to 0.0000 g. 
  14. Calculate to mg/l suspended solids.

Thomas J. SciarrinoThomas J. Sciarrino of Windsor Locks cooks up some handy Standard Operating Procedures for the Lab. Look for new procedures each month.